*General Dermatology*

Dr. Richard Greene, MD

Patricia Breitung, NP

DrDr. Riyaz Hassanali MD

*Related Recommendations*

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Donald Green

Certified Master Pedicurist, Podologist

Kerry Jones

Personal Color Consultant

Laura Torpey

Yoga, Wellness & Healing 

Dr. Riyaz Hassanali, MD

*Cosmetic Dermatology & Hair Restoration*

Buffalo, NY and designated days

in Rochester at Dr. Greene's Office

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Jill Purpura, NP

*​Botox & Facial Fillers*

Inspired Esthetics on Fridays!

 (585) 746-2599


*Laser & Medical Spa*

Dr. Katherine Whipple, MD

Amanda Phelps

Licensed Esthetician, Laser Tech